2020 Application Form

The International Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching (IACBC) is pleased to announce the annual IACBC contest Award for Research.
This award will be granted to the top paper on empirical research focused on Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching published in peer reviewed journals during January 2020 – December 2021. The principal author or his/her designee will get a free invitation to an international coaching event organised by IACBC (see here https://www.iacbc.org/).
The winner will be selected by the impact factor of the journals. The article published in the journal with the highest impact factor has the greatest likelihood of being selected. The selection will be decided by the board members (see here https://www.iacbc.org/board/). Application deadline will be December 31, 2020. The winner and the award will be announced in January 2021 on the International Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching (IACBC) website. The author of the paper will be contacted by the association members.
The articles need to be emailed to office@international-coaching.org with the topic IACBC Award for Research.