Affiliated member IACBC training program in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

We invite you to be part of the first certified training program in CBC which will give you the chance to discover its tools and learn how to be effective as coach. Cognitive-behavioral psychological interventions are the most well investigated and CBC is the most effective coaching approach based on recent reviews. Thus, our program will offer a variety of evidence-based procedures that you can incorporate in your coaching practice.

Did you know that many of the coaching tools currently used are based on theories that are either not supported by research or are pseudo-scientific (with research not supporting their claims)? Some of the stigma associated to coaching comes from these limitations and the lack of adequate training of some of those practicing it. Did you know that rigorous research exists in the field of coaching (e.g., meta-analyses; see DeMeuse, Dai, & Lee, 2009; Jones, Woods, & Guillome, 2016; Theeboom, Beersma, & van Vianen, 2014) showing the fact that CBC is the most effective approach to coaching?

You have now the opportunity to choose to practice evidence-based coaching and follow a systematic training program!


The series has eleven webinars that will offer you the most important information you need to know about becoming a CBC coach. Each of them has an important value in terms of the techniques and tools a coach needs to have for helping their clients rich their own goals.

In this webinar series you will learn:

Webinar 1: Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • This webinar will cover the definitions, types and particularities of coaching together with the characteristics and differences form other coaching interventions. Professional standards will also be discussed.

Webinar 2: Fundamentals of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • The webinar will present the cognitive-behavioral approach to coaching together with its assumptions, characteristics and general tools.

Webinar 3: Coaching relationship in CBC, contract and ethics

  • This webinar will describe the ingredients of establishing an affective coaching relationship with the coaches together with behavioral and psychological aspects of the contract and professional ethics.

Webinar 4: Creating awareness: Assessment and case formulation in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • How do you know that coaching is needed? It is important that your client know about the process of coaching? This webinar will focus on the role of assessment and cased formulation in CBC and will offer strategies and tools for implementing them.

Webinar 5: Types and models of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • This webinar will cover the fundamentals of personal and organizational coaching (Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Career Coaching etc.) and models of change.

Webinar 6: Effective communication in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • By participating in this webinar, you will be able to acquire the skills required to master one of the most important competence in coaching- effective communication: Attending skills, Socratic questioning and Metaphors.

Webinar 7: Designing Actions 1- Facilitating emotional changes in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • Some problems faced by clients may be emotional in nature, blocking them to solve their practical problems. How can we deal them? Processes and tools- the ABC process of coaching*.

Webinar 8: Designing Actions 2: Facilitating behavioral changes and  enhancing motivation for change in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • This webinar will present the Processes and tools for behavioral change and motivating clients for change.

Webinar 9: Designing Actions 3: Facilitating practical changes in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • This webinar will focus on specific processes and tools to some of the most used models in cognitive-behavioral coaching: problem solving/solution focused.

Webinar 10: Designing Actions 4: Facilitating developmental changes in Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • The webinar will focus on processes and tools that can be used when working with clients that have developmental goals- like how to be more satisfied with their lives, happier, more successful etc.

Webinar 11: Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

  • Description: This webinar will teach you strategies and tools on how to implement brief and effective coaching when time pressures are high.


For becoming an IACBC certified coach, besides participating in webinars you need to additionally complete the Supervision and personal development module and pass the exam:

  1. Personal development (20hs in peer-coaching as coachee and 80h using ABC forms)
  2. Supervision (20hs of 5 registered peer-coaching sessions as coach)
  3. Exam (3 hs theoretical and practical)




In case you are interested in finding out more about CBC or enhancing your coaching practice, you can also select only the webinars of interest for you and not follow the entire program. 

For whom are these webinars suitable?

  • Anyone who wants to know about CBC and its practice
  • Anyone who wants to become a CBC coach certified by the IACBC
  • Anyone interested in a well evidence based practice of coaching
  • Coaches, coaching students, psychology students, education and helping professionals etc.


Training fees and Registration

Each webinar of 2 hours will be announced and have specific fees depending on its speaker and contents, ranging from 50 to 150 EUR.
Supervision and personal development component can be followed after completing half of the webinars and its cost is 390 EUR.