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Science talks: online webinars focused on research incorporated in coaching

The first talk in out new series is: Life experiences and changes in personal values
Save the date, december 20th, 2021. Join us here:
In short: We used to think that personal values direct our life choices and preferences. But research shows that major life events or life experiences, otherwise called, can make us question our own methods, our life choices, our preferences and can challenge the way we see the world. Personal values were thought to be stable throughout the lifetime, but recent findings support the assumption that they can raise or lower their importance after major changes or events in our lives. The use of present hierarchy of values can support the life plan or the career choice of a client, but also the way in which one prefers to handle problems and what they prioritise in the coaching session. We will discuss the implications that this line of research has for coaching, be it life or career coaching.