The IACBC is welcoming new members based on their application or invitation, and considers different types of membership depending on the expertise of the person in the field of cognitive-behavioral coaching.

The IACBC has honorary members, members, associate members and student members.

Members of the IACBC have the opportunity to be part of a professional international network of CBC experts and to develop coaching skills in an organization that relies on quality, competence and excellence. Here, they meet and learn from world renowned coaching and psychology experts, with expertise in the field gained through their practice and academic research activities. Members also benefit from special discounted registration and participation fees to the events organized by the IACBC, special fees for our or partners’ publications and assessment tools, and support from the IACBC in obtaining other accreditations.

The membership/accreditation scheme of the IACBC can be accessed here: Accreditation Scheme.

Apply for membership here. Please note that the following forms will need to be filled added to your application in order to be considered by sending them to :

Training Form.docx and Experience.docx

Members of the IACBC are having the following benefits:

• The development of correct and productive coaching skills, by practicing and learning them in CBC settings based on quality, competence and excellence.
• Members have the opportunity to be part of a professional international network of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaches.
• Members benefit from discounted trainings, coaching sessions and other services.
• Members who intend to apply for external accreditations or memberships benefit from recommendations and support, as the IACBC’s standards and structure meet the ones of relevant international bodies, such as the ICF.


• Members attending trainings and other events (like the IACBC Congress) benefit from special discounted registration fees.
• Members attending IACBC events have to opportunity to meet and learn from world renowned coaching and psychology experts, with impressive experience and expertise in the field. These guest lecturers have had a remarkable contribution to the establishment of evidence based coaching, through their academic research activity and private practice.


• Members of the IACBC will benefit from discounts to its publications, the publications of partnering organizations and their assessment tools.
• Members will receive newsletters, infoletters and other materials regarding the IACBC’s activity, events and services.

The International Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching also offers memberships for profit-making or non-profit professional bodies.

1. Organizational Membership – it is designed for associations and group or individual practices who wish to offer CBC trainings and/or services. Such an organization is required to have at least one Certified Coaching Practitioner as part of the initiative team and should guide its activity in compliance to the IACBC’ Code of Ethics, guidelines and requirements.

2. Corporate Membership – is addressed to companies interested in having an internal CBC professional. By accessing this membership companies benefit from personnel training, supervised practice and on-request individual supervision and coaching sessions. However corporate members are not individuals, but professional bodies which have the option to invest in training one or more HR employees while ensuring that its certification is independent of personnel mobility.

Organizational Members are offered access to all general membership benefits, as well as an online listing for their company. Organizational Members can be represented at relevant IACBC meetings and in the ICCBC. One primary contact and up to five (depending on individual credentials) will receive IACBC communications and discounts to events.

Annual membership fee is €100, and €50 registration fee.

You can apply for individual or organizational membership here.

National CBC representatives

What it means? National representatives are successful practitioners of CBC in their countries. IACBC receives applications for national CBC representatives but generally this status is received upon invitation. It is expected that national representatives work in line with the standards with the IACBC, disseminate its activities, and make efforts to develop and disseminate the CBC practice, theory and research.


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